Published: 30-Oct-2020

Running in Wilderness

For those of you who love running, I am sure you are constantly looking for new routes to explore, challenges to overcome and adventures to enjoy. So pack your running kit, and come and explore running in Wilderness, with the luxurious, comfort of Treedom as your base.

Running is one of those sports than can be done anywhere and Wilderness offers a feast of runs for novice to advanced runners. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing.

Park Runs on the Garden Route

Athletics South Africa has issued a notification that Road Running (including Park Runs) and Cross Country and Trail runs can restart on 1 November. Here’s holding thumbs that the hugely popular 5km park runs at George and Knysna will start again. We will update this blog as soon as we get more information.

Park Run in George

George is a 25 minute scenic drive from Treedom and has a park run every Saturday starting at 08h00. The run takes place at the Botanical Gardens in George. After your run, enjoy the Outeniqua Family Market which is open until 14h00. The market has more than 150 food and craft stalls.

Park Run in Knysna

Knysna is a 33 minute drive from Treedom. The Knysna Park Run takes place at George Rex Drive. Knysna has a host of trendy coffee shops and boutiques. You can’t go to Knysna without visiting the exclusive island village of Thesen Harbour Town.

Running Races on the Garden Route near Treedom

There are some great runs coming up in December. See https://www.roadrunning.co.za/region/garden-route for more information.

  • 9 December – George: Steeple to Steeple night race - 10km and 3km race
  • 16 December – Knysna: Knysna Marathon Club Nite Race - 10 km and 4.8km race
  • 19 December – Gouritz: 4km and 10km Gourrits Hond fun run
  • 31 December – Hartenbos: 10km and 4 km Ernst Louw Memorial race

Trail Runs in Wilderness

There are many trails in Wilderness National Park which you can either walk or run. The Pied Kingfisher Trail is approximately 10km and is a popular run through peaceful and beautiful scenery. For those of you trying trail running for the first time, here are some great tips:

  • Keep your eyes on the trail - Most injuries in trail running come from a moment of lost attention.
  • Slow down and feel your run - Running on the trails can be a lot more demanding than the roads.
  • Focus on time over distance - It’s important to understand that 10km on the trails can be significantly longer to cover then 10km on the roads.
  • Use proper trail shoes – these differ significantly from road-running shoes with more protection against rocks and roots.
  • Carry additional water - Taking fluids with you on a trail run is a very smart idea.

Beach Running in Wilderness

Treedom brings you the opportunity for long runs along our unspoilt, expansive, beautiful beaches. Beach running is quite different to road running. For starters, sand can be a challenge because it has an uneven surface and constantly shifts under your feet. This unevenness gives your body an extra workout, forcing you to engage muscles that don't get used as much during runs on firm surfaces.

Some beach runners opt to run barefoot. However, if you're not used to beach running then it is better to start with shoes which give your ankles support and stability. Your first beach runs should also be in the hard, wet sand next to the water. Shoes will also protect you from shells and other sharp objects that you need to watch out for when running on the beach.


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