Published: 07-Feb-2020

The Perfect Honeymoon Destination In South Africa

You don’t have to fly to the Maldives or walk the streets of Paris to find the perfect honeymoon destination. Your honeymoon can be enjoyed right here on your doorstep at Treedom Villas - a luxurious treehouse villa in a piece of paradise called Wilderness.

Honeymoon Treehouse Villa in Wilderness

Why is Treedom the Perfect Honeymoon Destination?

Close your eyes and imagine waking up in your comfy four poster bed to the sounds of birds chirping while the wind gently whistles through the trees. You open the windows and doors and all you see is forest with the ocean peeking through the trees. There’s something about a treehouse that gives off a sense of romance, tranquillity and peace that you need after the build-up and excitement of your wedding.

Luxurious, Magical Honeymoon Destination

Being a part of nature is one of the joys of having your honeymoon in a Treehouse. Once you enter Treedom, the magic and romance will swirl around you, nourishing your soul. Treedom offers a sense of happiness and relaxation that can only be found in a place untouched by the stress of city life. It is the perfect blend of luxury and boho-chic living – a romantic, dream destination made real.

What to Do on Your Honeymoon at Treedom

The joy of Treedom is the wide array of activities available. Take a romantic, leisurely stroll through the forest. Pack a picnic and find a quiet place in the woods to lie back and enjoy each other and the abundant bird life. Or grab your umbrella and go bask in the sun on one of our unspoilt, expansive, beautiful beaches.

You won’t be able to deny yourself the luxury of our floating day-bed swing, where you can relax with a glass of champagne and a book and soak up the scenery. You will feel as if you are a world away from the city.

If you need a bit of action, explore the lake on our speedboat, take a mountain bike trail or hire a double canoe and explore the Touw River and the Kaaimans River.

Self-catering Honeymoon Destination

Honeymoon Treehouse Villa in WildernessListen to the birds while you cook together in the beautiful modern kitchen with its Moroccan tiling, luxury cookware and open wooden shelving. End your day dining alfresco at your hand-crafted dining table or downstairs in your private outdoor forest. You can pick your own produce from Treedom’s veggie garden to use in your meals.

Or as a trained chef, Debbie will be more than happy to cook for you! Plus, there are several exquisite restaurants that we can recommend in Wilderness.

At the end of each day collapse into your four-poster queen bed and enjoy a blissful night under African stars.

Celebrate your marriage with a honeymoon at Treedom – a destination that honeymoon fantasies are made of; a honeymoon with memories that will last a lifetime.

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